Match people to products by personal, emotional relevance

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Recommendations that feel right

Save your customers time and stress when shopping on-line by showing products that match their unique personalities.

  • Personally unique value for each product
  • Highlight emotionally important features
  • Fun, simple and expressive interface
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Product data in, personal ranking out

Typically product searches return results based on simple keyword relevance. We take these results and return them ordered by emotional relevance for any given end user (given their personality profile). See how it works

Developer API access to come soon.

Contact us to get news and early access to our API's and documentation to learn how to add personal, emotional relevance to your content, products and services, for each of your unique customers. Tell me more

The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to a conclusion.

Donald Galne Neurologist

People make buying decisions at an emotional level and justify those decision with logic.

Kelly Robertson

You need to use this service, right now. It could make you money and make you look smart too. Trust us to serve you.

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